Monday, November 28, 2011

"The Spirit of Miami": The Revival of a Family Rum

    Distileria Caneca, a family business located in the Wynwood neighborhood of Doral, will be offering the first bottles of rum for sale to the public on New Years Day.     Matt Malone found himself looking for a new way of making a living after an auto accident.    He was inspired by his wife's family history of rum making in Puerto Rico for five generations, he decided to try his hand at it.     Matt trained in Puerto Rico, then at Bavarian Brewing Technologies in order to learn the necessary skills to produce a good rum.

     It is said that he pipes samba music into his oak lined vats which rest the rum.     This causes a vibe that speeds the aging process a bit and giving the rum unique aging experience.    The rum is made from molasses that comes from South Florida's sugar industry.     The new rum will be named in December, and released in January for sale to the public.   

     I am looking forward to being able to try this new rum and potentially making it available at the Rum Bar here in Key West.     ;o)