Thursday, September 1, 2016

What About the Music as a Component of a Successful Bar

     The success or failure of a bar can be contributed to many things, but all things being equal, music
may be what brings the people in.   Things like quality of cocktails, service, and atmosphere are all very important parts of a successful establishment and cannot be overlooked.  Music is the component that might be what is bringing customers to the door in the first place.

     The draw of the individual musicians by their fans is an important factor in choosing the musician to play at the bar.  Do they play the music that appeals to the clientele of the bar?   Secondly what music will hold the people there and not drive them away because they are too loud or make it so you can't carry on a conversation or even get an order place while they are playing is a factor.

     Audience participation music like Karaoke is becoming hugely popular through out the world right now and seems to to work well in many establishments.  This is an inexpensive form of music that seems to be drawing customers that will drink and by food as they hang out for hours waiting their turn at the mike.  What I have found surprising about Karaoke is the number of really good singers that show up.  This is not a good fit for all bears, because of the number of people that it takes to make it happen.  Small bars can't seat enough people to have 15 to 20 singers plus their friends, plus taking care of the cocktails and food service that makes the whole thing work.

     Making plans for your bar's atmosphere, food, and cocktails is a major part, but the music these days needs to be more than just a jukebox.