Saturday, April 27, 2013

Who has $1200 for a Bottle of Rum?

   Papa Andres is a fabulous Rum named for the founder of Brugal.  There are only 500 decanters of this fine rum produced a year and are sold mostly at "Duty Free Stores" for a mere $1200.00 for each decanter.  The proceeds from the sale of Papa Andres all go to the Brugal Foundation.

     Papa Andres has a dry profile and was made to satisfy the tastes of the family.   Created from the best casks in the bodegas of resting rums.  There are white oak and PX, and Sherry casks that hold this rum and they are carefully blended to bring the flavor the family so desires.

      Tasting the elegance of the rum is a pure and unadulterated pleasure.   The rich mahogany amber color of the rum leads you to the complex aromas of dried fruit, caramel and wood.  Once on the palate, this velvety rum exhibits subtle sweetness of a very well balanced rum.  The long, dry and smooth finish leaves you with a very special warmth from the whole experience.

     Expensive yes, but well worth the money for the memorable experience.   ;o)