Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Looks Like We Dodged the Bullet

     The Keys seem to have dodged another hurricane, Irene is moving to the east and we are now out of the cone of uncertainty.     This is good news, for as much as we joke about this and look forward to the hurricane party's, the mess that has to be cleaned up after one of these storms is no joking matter.    My thoughts and prayers are with my friend Bob Davies in the Turks and Caicos islands.     The last I heard from them, the winds had topped 100 mph.

On a brighter note I'll have two new rums in the Rum Bar when I return on Wednesday.    I'll have the new Plantation Overproof Rum and on Thursday the much waited for arrival of the Siesta Key Spiced Rum.     These two additions will bring the count up to 225 different rums at the Rum Bar, this is the goal that we have been striving for, and we are out of shelf space for any more.    That is unless there happens to be a rum that hasn't done very well should disappear and a new good one slide in in it's place.    Stranger things have happened at the Rum Bar and probably will continue to happen that way.

     Today with the weather down here a little bit blustery, I'll probably just hang out in the Rum Lab and enjoy some of the results of previous labors.     It's the least that I can do, thunder is rumbling and lightning is flashing, wind is blowing, perfect day to sit on the back of the boat and share a couple of good rum cocktails with some friends.     That is rumstylin' at it best.     ;o)