Saturday, April 14, 2012

When I Think About Rum: I Think About Those Little Watering Holes

     One of my real pleasures where it be here at home in Key West, or out on the road in the world of rum, is stopping and enjoying myself relaxing in a small and warm little watering hole.     Even here at home, I work in a small 15 seat bar on the "quiet end of Duval Street", and I relax in a small waterfront bar on Stock Island.     I find that it is the more intimate atmosphere of these small bars that I find comfortable.     You get to meet so man new people from so many places, and they all have a new and interesting story to tell.      It is so easy to be alone among hundreds of people in a large establishment, but you are never alone in a small one.

     In Barbados it is the Rum Shops that provide this personal atmosphere, and it Old San Juan, it is the little cafes along one of the narrow streets.    It is funny how I seem to be drawn to these special little places as I travel and where I spend my personal leisure time as well.   I guess that it is part of being a"people person", but no matter what you call it is is a wonderful way of life and I'm so thankful that I have been allowed the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people in all of these wonderful places.   

     Your pleasures are where you find them, so look everywhere and you'll be surprised what is right in front of your face.      Take some time to drop in at one of these wonderful little places in your town or on your next trip out to some really cool place.    You'll find the intimacy and openness very refreshing and fun.   See you in one of my watering holes somewhere I hope.    ;o)