Thursday, February 11, 2016

El Dorado Introduces a New Wine Barrel Aged Series of 15 Year Old Rums

     Six special further-matured releases from Guayana's  El Dorado Rums, this is their 15-year-old rum finished for a year in lightly toasted casks which used to hold a variety of wines.   The final resting of the rum adds a very nice touch to the final expression.

     The six expressions make for a great collection.     They are each finished in a different wine cask.  They are Ruby Port Finish, Sauternes Finish, Dry Madeira Finish, Sweet Madeira Finish, Red Wine Finish and White Port Finish.     Each of these give the final product its unique flavors.

     The Sauternes Finish gives the El Dorado 15 Year Old Rum finished for more than a year in casks that used to hold Sauternes, a sweet French white wine from Bordeaux. The resulting rum is well balanced with hints of smoke.   

     The Madeira Dry yields an El Dorado, the award-winning 15-year-old rum has been finished for the final year in French oak casks that used to hold dry Madeira fortified wine. A spicy rum with notes of caramelized tropical fruit.

     The Dry Ruby Port is a limited-edition release of El Dorado 15 Year Old rum that has been finished for more than a year in casks from a single estate which used to hold ruby port. This is full of exotic spice, dried fruit and chocolate notes.

     All of these expressions have their own unique flavor and all aged for about an additional year in the barrels of the very famous wines.   These rums are not immediately available here in the United States, but can be ordered from "The Whisky Exchange"  a World of Fine Spirits, on line at .   They do ship to the United States for a fee.