Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drinking Responsibly: It's No Accident.

     The enjoyment of great cocktails requires great planning and understanding of what is happening to you and your body as you consume alcohol.     Having just completed an Alcohol Server's course, it has reminded me of a number of things that need to be addressed before you start out on a night of drinking. 

     Bacardi has hired Rafael Nadal, 10 time tennis champion to head up their "The Champion's Way" responsible drinking program.     There are 4 steps to the program, Plan, Take your Time, Be there for Friends, and Get Home Safely.       The plan is a simple assessment of what you are going to do tonight, where you are going to eat, drink, and how you are going to get back home.     Once at the cocktail lounge or where you are  drinking, take your time.   Your body can absorb alcohol into your blood stream very rapidly, but your liver only dispels it at a rate of 1 ounce per hour.    Take your time and enjoy the cocktail by sipping, not gulping down.     Be there for your friends, make sure no one is left behind.   If you are moving from club to club, make sure all of you are in a condition to continue drinking.     Finally make sure every on gets home safely, even if it means leaving the car there and taking a taxi or public transportation home.

     This is an important program and I'm glad to see many of the spirits manufacturers taking this issue very serious along with the owners of bars and restaurants.    I'm proud to have received the certification of completion for the "TIPS" program for responsible alcohol serving.  ;o)