Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Antigua Through the Windshiels

     Antigua is one of the Caribbean islands that has many faces.  It has bustling cities, open country farmland with violent coastlines on one side and serene calm waters on the other.  It is an island of opposites as you travel around it.   We had the opportunity to enjoy the island on scooters, so through the windshield is a bit of a story, but I'm sure you get the idea.   The texture of the countryside becomes clear as soon as you break out of St. Johns city limits, the open grass and forests with very laid back country atmosphere becomes clear.

     As you approach the northeastern corner of the island things become very different.   It is a much more arid climate.   The plant life as well as the animal life begins to change dramatically.   More of the succulent plants are appearing and wild donkeys are seen moving across the now gravel roads.     This is a more natural part of the island and very beautiful in deed as we slowly drive toward the coast and the Devil's Bridge.

Devil's Bridge
     The Devil's bridge is an area on the northeast coast that is particularly violent in nature.  The huge seas crashing against the cliffs  provide a spectacular sight with the huge sprays of water arise.   The Devil's Bridge is a place where many of the slaves would commit suicide in the days of the "Triangle Trade" in the 1700's.

Nelson's Dockyard
     Back into the country and down to the southwestern side and Nelson's Dockyards.

The southeastern side of the island is a rain forests and beautiful blue seas are of a much calmer nature.  The Dockyard is where the British Fleet would retreat to for repairs and provisioning after a tour of duty in the Caribbean.   There are many interesting museums and displays here that are well worth the time to see.

     From the Dockyard it is into the rain forest, then following the coastline back to St. Johns and back to the big city life again.  The differences as you move around this relatively small island are really amazing and fun to take in.  As we head back to St. Johns, I am wishing that I could spend more time exploring this colorful and historic island.

    Another day of looking through the windshield as I go from place to place exploring the fun places that I have been able to visit is over and I hope you enjoyed the trip.  ;o)