Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Rumstylers Irish Celebration Key West Style

St. Patrick's Day bar crawl in coming this Saturday.     What a combination, spring break, St. Patrick's Day and a Bar Crawl.     This is going to be the drunken event of the year with the already large number of spring breakers in here and add all the Irish influence and you have a drunken brawl in the making.     This event starts at the Southernmost Beach Cafe and ends at Schooner Wharf, winding it's way through most of the Old Town bars.     This event is truly a "Green" event in this politically sensitive time you should get green and party on in the true Irish tradition.    

     Several of the Irish Bars Like Finnegan's Wake, Shana Key, and Irish Kevin's are having St. Patrick's Day events on Thursday.     This is a drinkin' mans holiday and a great time to get out on the streets and play in you full Irish regalia.

     Remember the St. Patrick's Day Bar Stroll is a charity event that raises money for the Boys & Girls Club and the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys.    Not only are you getting out to party, but you are supporting a great couple of causes at the same time.     Lets get out and party on Saturday and support these causes.     Remember though in all of the celebration to stay out from behind the wheel if you have been drinking, in Key West this is a serious offense and one you should avoid , a taxi is cheaper than a D.U.I..     ;o)