Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rosy Days are Back Finally

   The weather and the many of us here in Key West have been struggling with a strange flu like affliction here lately, but I'm finally coming out of my funk from this stuff.    I don't do sick very well, and thank goodness I don't do it very often.    Had a fun day at work for the "Monday" of my work week, and it was nice to get out on the water and cruise over to the Hurricane Hole and enjoy a couple of adult beverages last night and begin to feel like a human being again.

    You really don't appreciate how good you have it until you spend some time under the weather and no energy or drive to get things done.    Today I am feeling the best that I have felt in a couple of weeks, and I can tell by the enthusiasm I have today about writing.    I get to start on some new projects and develop some new cocktails during the week and I'm really looking forward to getting this started.    

     The world that you see when you are under the weather is a view from the bottom, and not one you really need to share with others, but like today when you are feeling back on top of the world, it is easy to share these feelings and carry a smile for all the people you meet.     I'm just glad to be back on top of things and feelin' good again.   ;o)