Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The 2013 Hurricane Season is Just Over the Horizon

Hurricane Flags
     The first of June brings on the start of the 2013 Hurricane Season down here in the Keys.    This is the marker for the end of our busy season and the time when things begin to settle down here in Key West.   The mythical fear some people have and a real dread as hurrricane season approaches, but actually it is when the waters and the streets of Key West are returned to the residents.  It marks the time when we can go out on the waters and find areas that are not over run with people.    I look forward to the end of season and the beginning of the time when I get to travel out to the uninhabited keys and shoot pictures and enjoy the beauty of nature.  

     Nature has a calm side and a side filled with fury.  She can make days that I can go out in my little dinghy 25 of more miles out to sea in absolute calm or she can whip up a fury that can topple cities.   This is the season of uncertainty, but it is the time of the year that I really enjoy here in Key West.   I have all the respect for the fury of the hurricane, but I also know how to prepare for the arrival of a storm and know that I am where I need to be when she arrives.

Hurricane Wilma Hitting Havana Harbor Entrance
     Besides, the storm wouldn't be a storm without a good hurricane party.   On the serious side, it is time to make sure you have your hurricane preparedness kit in place and all of the necessities for the time post storm without electricity or water.  We like to think that we are all above the storm, but we really need to have a plan should one actually arrive here in Key West.   If you haven't this is the time to prepare for the 2013 hurricane season while the stores are still stocked with the supplies that you will need.  If you wait until one is approaching, you might find that everything you need has already been sold to your neighbors who got there before you.  Prepare to live through the 2013 Hurricane Season it is a good investment.  ;o)