Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Drunk Crustaceans: OK

Calendar Cover
     Designed by DJ and photographer Leslie Kirchhoff and Drew Berezowitz, the "Drunk  Crustacean calendar" boasts 12 fantastic images of shrimps, crabs, lobsters and other assorted shellfish in various stages of inebriation.   “Running the gamut of human emotion, these stills capture the chic realities of inebriated shellfish”, writes the duo. “Each photograph distills the vast mysteries of Drunk Crustaceans into visually appetizing and easily digestible tableaux.”
"Kim Krustashian"
     If 12 images of drunk shellfish isn’t enough, for an extra $40 you will receive a signed and numbered print of the ocean’s “most notorious shrimp, Kim Krustashian” – re-enacting the reality star’s famous #breaktheinternet pose for Paper magazine.   Not only a practical addition to any home, the purchase of this calendar also supports a good cause, with 50% of sale proceeds going toward the Plastic Pollution Coalition, an organisation that works towards removing plastic waste from the ocean.  You can purchase it on line at
     The rest of the pictures and the rest of the story of the "Drunk Crustaceans can be read at

     This is a too funny to miss calendar for 2015.  ;o)