Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Depaz VSOP Reserve Speciale

     Depaz VSOP Reserve Speciale is noted as being a complex agricole, perhaps the taste of the reddish brown rhum deriving from the Plantation de la Montagne Pelee, in the words of Alain Ducasse, a unique signature in the world of premium spirits.      The spirit is bottled at 45% ABV, of which the strength alone leads you to believe it will have some intensity to the profile.  

    Depaz VSOP  hit with a sharp and fast shot like blast and then faded a bit before you could take in all of the notes.  There was underlying aromas of fresh cut grass, crushed cane, rosemary, some subdued hints of flowers. The taste in the mouth elevated the drink.  The mouthfeel was stronger and more assertive than the aroma would have indicated, very nicely warm without the subtle spiciness of the nose, more body, entering cleanly with nice notes of oakiness, light fruits, licorice, fresh cut cane, and a hint of vanilla and caramel.  The complexity was hinted to, but had to be coaxed to come out in the open.   Allowing it to stay on the palate for a while allowed it to blossom and make an appearance.  A little water or ice will bring out the additional flavors that lay hidden.  The finish was a bit different, there was a strange taste of metal and cane, with some sweetness, vanilla, a little oakiness.  The finish sensations happened so fast that there was little left after the taste on the palate was past.  
     This is a nice expression, that I do like overall, but its quick disappearance of the flavor would be my only criticism.