Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 2012 on the Beach Life is very Special

     Yesterday afternoon was one of those very special days.     A flask of Mocambo 20 Year Old rum, chicken, cheese & crackers, and 4 friends on a very special get away from it all day at the beach.    Basking in the sun and enjoying the sights and sounds of mother nature as we all relaxed.      Today was a the perfect day, because there nobody else in the area, and beautiful 77 degree temperatures.

     That brings me to the main point of this article.     walking up and down this pristine beach my friends and We picked up a trash bag full of broken beer bottles, cans and broken glass.     If you can carry the stuff out with you carry the trash back with you too.    There is nothing more disgusting than coming to a very natural area and find it filled with trash.    

     The day was fabulous and all of us had a great time on the water and on the beach, by the way we brought all of our trash back as well as that of others.     ;o)