Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let's Inform, Not Mislead with the Labels

cindy@ebsautoequip.c Calorie labeling on alcoholic beverages could see spirits suffer from misinformation 

     We have entered a new era in alcoholic beverages, The addition of labeling to these beverages is long overdue, but it really needs to be done in a proper manner.   This a critical information service for those who watch their calorie intake and sugar content of what they eat.  In any diet, portion is a critical bit of information as to what the calories intake really is for what you are ingesting. 

     "Calorie labelling on alcoholic beverages could mislead consumers: according to industry body Spirits Europe.   It says that, if calorie content per 100ml was used as a standard across Europe, it would be harder for consumers to interpret the content per serving (a British pint of beer is 568ml, whereas a shot of spirit is 30ml).  Spirits would be at a particular disadvantage, it says, because a standard 30ml serving would result in a large figure per 100ml - alarming health conscious consumers.   But The Brewers of Europe - which has committed to providing nutritional information per 100ml - stands by this measure as a logical reference point across all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages."
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     Here in the United States I hope we plan on doing this properly and not just go through the motion in a rush to have a label for the sake of having a label on the product.  ;o)