Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Florida Old Reserve Rum

     Last week while wandering through the Pier House Key West Bacchanalia event, I ran across Mark Bell from the Florida Caribbean Distillery in Auburndale, Florida.  He introduced me to a rum that I haven't had the pleasure of tasting before.  Florida Old Reserve Rum, the name is a bit of a misnomer, because it is only a two year old rum, but the rum is absolutely wonderful.  This blend of two year old rums that has been aged in sherry casks offers flavors that will truly surprise you.

    Florida Old Reserve Rum comes in a bottle that is hand numbered, Batch No. 526 and the  signature of Master Distiller Ron Call.  This sherry cask Aged, Florida rum is sourced from local sugarcane molasses, with water from the "Floridian Aquifer".   It is bottled at 84 proof to preserve the flavors of the barrel from being diluted by lowering the proof.

     This is an inexpensive rum, generally around $19 a bottle, but one that you can enjoy on a regular basis at home or at your favorite rum bar.   Take the time to look this one up and see if you can find it, then purchase it and take it home to sip of make some of your favorite cocktails with it.  ;o)