Friday, April 22, 2016

Rhum Clément Names the Ti’ Punch Cup Champion


     Located in Le Francois – Martinique, Habitation Clément is the birthplace of Rhum Agricole and carries the culture of an ancient Créole sugarcane plantation rich with French West Indian history, which has been completely refurbished by the Hayot family to remain a Martiniquean cultural icon for centuries.  Formerly known as Domaine de l’Acajou, Habitation Clément welcomes thousands of tourists every year who come to discover old world and new world Créole culture. Many people spend peaceful time touring the botanical gardens or visiting where Rhum Clément has been made for more than 125 years, and no one leaves without a special bottle for their home bar.
     Since 1887, the production of Rhum Clément has been carried out according to the purest traditions and most time-honored inherited from Homère and Charles Clément.  
     More than 1,400 people packed the Habitation Clément site to watch the global final on 11 March.   The agricole rhum brand, which is distilled in Martinique, selected finalists from 10 different countries following regional heats in France, the UK, the US, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Martinique, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

A total of 17 international bartenders descended on Martinique last month for the first ever Ti’ Punch Cup cocktail competition hosted by Rhum Clément.

Dirk Hany was crowned winner of the Rhum Clément Ti’ Punch Cup cocktail competition

      Battling his way to victory was bartender Dirk Hany, head bartender at The Widder Bar in Zurich, who triumphed to take home the first ever Ti’ Punch Cup trophy.   The competition will return for its second year in 2017. Further details can be found at