Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Day of the Ramblings

     I've been sitting here this morning thinking about what I really want to write about today, but I really couldn't come up with anything that spiked my interest.   I decided I need to ramble about fun bars, beautiful waterways and enjoying life.   I guess that is what this blog is really about any way.    Here we go, heading out to work this morning on the scooter and enjoying the wind in my face as I motor along the streets of Key West making my way to Duval street and the Rum Bar.    I'm thinking about who might show up today at the bar and where the new friend will com to Key West from 

    Monday is my wife Marta's birthday a perfect day on the radar so we are gathering a few friends and headed out to the Marquesas for the day on the Sanity Too.    This always make us happy and is a chance to really enjoy the ocean and the marine life that usually follows us.    A day in the sunshine and snorkeling is always fun.   By the way the boat is well equipped for a day trip, Bar, tanning bed, and a swimming pool off of the aft deck.   No wonder I enjoy journeying out to sea, even though it is only about 25 miles out, it feels like your are in the middle of no where and the world is all yours.

    This leads me to Sunday evening getting off of work and ready for a great fun night at the Hurricane Hole having a few rum cocktails with my friends.    Gary O'Key and Debbie ill be there so we all can make fools of ourselves singing Karaoke  til 10pm.   This is the stuff that really puts a smile on my face and make life so much fun.     I guess that it is the little pleasure that really stand out when you sit down and start rambling through your thoughts and then write them down.    Lots of good friends and a beautiful environment provided courtesy of "mother nature", I really don't believe life could get much better.    I know why I live in this paradise I cal my life.   ;o)