Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boca Grande Beach: The Collecting Point

     Boca Grande Beach, to the west of Key West is one of my favorite destinations in the dinghy.   It offers a unique collection of stuff that has be deposited on her sand and driftwood shores.   Her driftwood collection snags so much stuff brought on shore by the tides and the wind blown surf.   I find the blend of nature and the fishing industry makes for some very beautiful scenery as I walk down this beach.    Whether it be a fish net, a crab trap, or some trap marker balls, they all seem to become a part of the scenery that is so colorful against the beige sand and the grey driftwood.

     I don't get to go out to Boca Grande as often as I would like to, but it is a place that always intrigues me because I never know what will appear as I walk around the corner on the beach.   The sea turtles will soon be visiting this beach in the next month or so to lay their eggs on the upper edge of the beach, this is a time that we need to stay away from the beach until the eggs have hatched and the young turtles have made their way to the ocean and relative safety.   Afterward, it is interesting to see how many egg shells you can see and the tracks of the turtles progress to the sea.   This is a sanctuary for birds as well, one of the natural enemies of the turtle hatching's, and signs of the birds taking some of the young turtles are prevalent as well.

      Just writing about this place puts a smile on my face as I run my hands over the keyboard using words to try and describe what I feel for this wonderful little key that lies about 15 miles to the west of my home.    What is wonderful is that it is not littered with beer cans and other trash.   I have to say thanks to the many people that do visit Boca Grande, because they do take the trash back home with them and leave the next people a chance to enjoy the same pristine beauty that they came to enjoy.    Remember you trash bag on your next outing and take your refuge back home with you and dispose of it properly.   If you find someone else's trash lying on the beach pick it up too.   We will all be better for that and the natural events of the key will be able to happen again and again for future generations to see.   ;o)