Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sipping Rum, What a Concept

     The one advantage of going to Key West for a rum adventure is the Rum Bar at the Speakeasy Inn.  With some 240 rums on the shelves, you are very likely to find one that you can sip and enjoy. 

     The majority of the rums are of a sipping quality, and can be enjoyed neat or with a cube of ice or two.  You can literally travel the world with fine rums.   Just think you can go to most any island in the Caribbean, off to Asia if you desire.   Madagascar and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, to Mexico, Central and South America, you can find rums from these parts of the world.  Fine rums are made in so many countries around the world offering opportunities for your taste and pleasure.

     The thing that I like about the rums is that they all have a different flavor.  I can bring
my palate to life in different ways according to my mood and desires.  I'm often asked what is my favorite rum, and my answer is "the one I have in my hand".  This may sound trite, but my personal collection and the rums at the Rum Bar give me so many opportunities for fine rum.  It is the truth, and I find new favorites quite often as I am brought new rums to taste and review.

    The summer offers may opportunities to sip rum on your patio or the aft deck of the boat, so find the ones that suit you and enjoy your summer leisure time.