Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rum Day: Yesterday was the Day Rum was the Spirit

     Yesterday was National Rum Day, it was celebrated in a proper manner.  It was a day to try something new and to enjoy the true flavors that the spirit of the sugarcane can provide.   The day stated out at home with the creation of some new cocktails for the blog and ended with a few fine rums on the back deck watching the sun set.  It doesn't get a whole lot better.

     National Rum Day is the day that we celebrate the history of our favorite spirit.  We mix it, slam it, or just sip it, but we do make it with rum.   Through out its history rum is the spirit of choice for the summer time and this year is no exception.  Whether you like it sweet and spicy or dry and neat, you can find a rum that suits your palate and a way to make a cocktail that will be cooling and refreshing in the dog days of summer.

     I like to take a little bit of lime juice, sweetener, good aged rum, and a splash of ginger beer in a tumbler with ice on the aft deck.  This is a very refreshing combination that will chill you in all kinds of ways on a hot August eve.  Put your favorite combination of Rum together and help celebrate the day.