Thursday, November 2, 2017

Panama Red is Still Available

     I stumbled across a post in Facebook yesterday that was promoting Panama Red Rum, an overproof rum that I mistakenly believed was extinct.  Panama Red is a creation of Francisco "Don Poncho" Fernandez, the Cuban native and and former maestro de ronero for Havana Club in the 50's.  I first ran across Panama Red Rum about  6 years ago at the Miami Rum Festival and it immediately became a member of my go to list.

     Panama Red is bottled at 108 proof, it is a full and has a beautiful mahogany color that draws you eye into it immediately.   Panama Red is bottled at 108 proof packs a punch, a punch that is full flavor, flavors that practically leap onto your palate. A sweet flavors begin the adventure, followed by those of tobacco and leather following right behind.  This expression will heat up your mouth with an orange peel spiciness along with some baking spices that will take the front.   If you add an ice cube or a little water to you glass, Panama Red becomes even more enjoyable, nuances of flavor will arise as you let the rum linger on the palate.   This rum has a smooth, well-rounded and nicely balanced flavor that lingers.    It still packs a bit of relatively strong heat that will shock the throat if you are not careful, but if you take your time and sip this rum slowly, then the finish is quite nice. 

     This is a special rum brought about as a part the experiences of Jim Wasson as a youth when his grandfather would bring rums back from Cuba.  Following his dream he brought this rum to his home in Florida.  It is available here in Florida as well as Canada.  For information on how to get your hands on this fine rum, you can contact Jim Wasson at