Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mother Nature and Rum, What a Concept

     It never ceases to amaze me what mother nature has to offer as I drift through the seemingly endless waterways around the Key West area.      Recently I went back to the channels of the Mud Keys just east of Key West and wandered around with camera in hand and marveled at all of the beauty that surrounded me.     It was the little things that really got my attention, things like a dragonfly circling over my head as I lie on the beach sipping some rum from a hip flask.     

     The plants and animals all the way down to the beach itself and how the land and the water all come together giving me warm and fuzzy feelings just being there.    When I'm out away from all of the people and noise, I find myself totally in tune with the warm and the best part is that it is only about 10 miles away from my home.      No matter where you live we all need a great little place to go and get away and just relax and chill out for a few hours.    I'm very lucky that my world is based around some of the most beautiful waters anywhere and it's my backyard.

     The Mud Keys are a protected Mangrove area that has some of the most interesting birds, animals and marine life I have ever seen, especially in such a small area.   Whether you are drifting with the currents or walking around on a beach, there are so many things to see.    On this day I had some of my friends with me and we all were able to chill out on the beach and just relax and enjoy the warm sunshine and cool waters.    Oh yeah the rum was good too.   ;o)