Friday, January 18, 2013

Angostura Single Barrel Rum

     Angostura Single Barrel Rum is not available here in America, but well worth mentioning.   This is a fine rum that is made in Trinidad by the Angostura.   John Georges, the master blender at Angostura has put this mixture of heavy and medium distillates into a blend that is aged in American oak bourbon barrels to perfection.

    This is a very unique rum that costs about $18, but has the flavor of a much more expensive rum.   Available in "Duty-Free" stores in airports and cruise ship harbors around the Caribbean and well worth the trip into one while traveling to obtain a bottle.

On the nose you first notice the light woody notes followed by a delicate sense of vanilla and other tropical spices.   In the mouth you get the taste of honey and a nutty tropical fruity flavors that yields to a long, smooth and warm finish.   This rum is a very good example of how rum should be finished through proper aging.

    This is another example of a fine rum that is not available to those of us that live in the United States.   This is unfortunate for all of us that live here,  the tax and hoops make it difficult and expensive for rum companies to bring many of their products to market here.    If you get out and about this winter to an airport or cruise port in the Caribbean make the time to search Angostura Single Barrel Rum out, it is worth the effort.   ;o)