Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brugal 1888: Celebrating 120 Years of Rum Making

     The Dominican Republic's Brugal celebrated 120 years by five generations of the family masterfully making rum with the introduction of Brugal 1888 Rum.     This is a dark amber rum that is for real for the rum lover to enjoy.     This is a definite top shelf rum that boasts smooth sweetness on the palate that quickly turns dry and smokey at the finish.    The flavor of the sherry barrel aging is most prominent in the finish, plus it has notes of scotch and sherry on the nose.     The new rum is artfully aged in first American Oak, then finished European Oak casks that were used to rest sherry.

     For the newbie to sugar cane spirits, who is looking widen their experiences beyond scotch or whiskey, this is a great transition rum that can hold it's weight with many of the single malts.     You can sample this one neat, but a cube of ice in Brugal 1888 like in a good scotch it will open the spirit up and make it even better.

     The Brugal is being distributed by Republic National and is available in most of the better liquor stores.     This is definitely one that you need to try.   ;o)