Friday, July 3, 2015

Rum from Around the World

     I am asked very often where does the “best rum” come to us from?   In the early days of rum making I would have to say Barbados, but today there are many great rums coming from all over the world.   At the Rum Bar we have so many of the unusual rums from the far reaches of the world.   Many think that good rum only comes from the islands of the Caribbean, but you would be really surprised how many really fine types of rum come from places in this world you would never expect to be producing rum. 

     You might remember Guyana for the Jim Jones Kool Aid massacre, but it is one of the producers of some of the finest rums in the world today.   Panama, Mauritius, Thailand, the Philippines, India, Spain, Venezuela, Nigeria, Costa Rico, just to name a few places.  Oh, I forgot to mention the United States where there are a large number of craft distilleries that are producing some really fine rums.  Placers like, Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana you might expect, because they all produce sugar cane, but California, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Pennsylvania all are producing many fine rums as well. 

    This is why I have a really hard time truly to come up with an answer to the question.  I have many favorites from places that you would never expect to find good rums.  Phraya from Bangkok, Thailand, Pink Pigeon from Black River, Mauritius, Diplomatico and Santa Teresa Rums from Venezuela to name a few.   Look around the world and you will find fine rums from nearly everywhere in the world.   Spend some time exploring the rums of the world and you will have some very pleasant surprises.