Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bacardi Reserva Limitada: Revisited After Several Years

     I had an opportunity to taste Bacardi Reserva Limitada  for the first time in several years yesterday.  It was a great reminder of how good the Bacardi Rum makers really are.  This experience sitting on a uninhabited island off of Key West make the exquisite flavors even more enjoyable.

     In an interview with Mike Streeter of Rum Connection, Joaquin Bacardi III, Bacardi family member and head of the company’s business operations in Puerto Rico where BACARDI Reserva Limitada was conceived and is produced, “BACARDI Reserva Limitada was created to commemorate the patriarch of our family.  Until now, to get a bottle, U.S. rum lovers had to travel to our distillery in Puerto Rico or one of just three other Caribbean islands.  It’s fulfilling we can now bring this truly exceptional spirit to rum connoisseurs in the United States.”

     The Rum itself is a beautiful golden with mahogany tones, the rum has an aroma of oak, dried tropical fruits and vanilla.  The classic Spanish style rum flavors lay on the palate giving you a rich full flavor leading to a silky smooth long lasting finish.

     This is one of the rums that are leading the category to new levels and people finally getting people to understand that rum is more than something to be mixed with cola.