Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Grander 12 Year Old is Coming Soon

Grander 12 Year Old Panamanian Rum
     Dan Dehart has just sent me the newest member of his Grander Rum line, a 12 year old expression that has its origins in Panama and made without additives.  This is released at 45% ABV or 90 proof which means that it will have a big bold flavor that wasn’t lost in the reduction from barrel proof down to bottle proof.   This is the second of the family of Grander Rums, with the original being an eight year old expression.  The new Grander 12 Year old will be on the market in Florida first then Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, and Texas.  If all goes according to plan, you will see it on the Florida market in late spring or early summer.

     From the first look at this new Grander 12 year old expression, you know that you are in for a real special rum expression.   The deep golden color is beautiful and your eyes draw you straight to the to the glass.  There is an attractive, slightly sweet aroma that draws you right into the glass where there is some oak, tobacco, dried fruit, nuts and spices.    On the palate an immediate warmth of the 45% ABV with a sweetness that quickly fades to a dry and slight peppery taste at the finish.  This is a very smooth expression that leaves a lingering finish of wood, subtle fruits and a hint of pepper.

     I found this to be a really nice rum for sipping, either neat or on the rocks.   The warmth and the smoothness makes Grander 12 Year Old a wonderful cocktail time choice.  Upon its release it will become a regular on my shelf.   Watch your favorite liquor store, Grander 12 year old will be making an appearance there in the near future.  Don’t miss this one, it is a true and honest rum with wonderful flavor that has not had anything added to it.