Monday, December 5, 2011

The Boat Bar

     Just sitting here wondering what to write about today, a blank stare out over the gulf mostly, when an idea came into my head.     I have one of the better boat bars around,  so lets talk about a boat bar.     What are the real essentials of a good boat bar?    Refrigerator, ice maker, sink and faucet, blender, and a good place to store the spirits, glasses, and shakers.     Next the spirits, Rum, 100 or so will suffice, liqueurs, 20 is adequate, plus a good selection of mixers like fruit juices and sodas.     Throw in a few bar keep tools and you have the means  for a great boat party.

     That reminds me that tomorrow is Rum Lab on the boat, better start to think about who is going to be there and what we will be looking at this week.     Fortunately I'm getting close to having enough really good recipes to get the book put in to a first draft.

     All this talk about a party and a bar is making me thirsty,  so I guess it is time to quit talking about the boat bar and wander back down the dock to it and enjoy the rest of my afternoon off.      Thanks for stopping by, it's time for you to enjoy your time off as well.    Stop by for a cocktail and relax.   ;o)