Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Feel the Warmth of the Sun

     The doldrums caused by Debby have finally departed Key West, leaving the sun shining and a sky of blue again.   It is so nice to walk down the dock and feel the warmth of the sun on my back, it just picks up my spirits and makes me smile.   The sunshine is the best medicine in the world for what ever ails you, it just makes me feel like dancing when I'm out in her warmth.   

     The days seem nicer now that the nine plus days of grey sky and rain have passed.   Debbie didn't cause much of any damage in the Keys, but it sure ruined the great vibe of it's residents while she hung around here.   This is one storm that we  in the Keys won't miss at all.   Most storms are here and gon in 24 hours or less, but not Debby, she just didn't want to leave.

     Blue sky is the other magic ingredient to bringing smiles back to our faces and getting us back out doing what wedo down here in the Keys. Keeping the vibe of community alive and well is what make life in Key West such a joy.   

      Today is going to be a wonderful one for us in the Keys and I hope it is just a good for all of you.   ;o)