Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tutus, Plaid and Green parties In Key West

      Busy night at the 2013 Fantasy Fest last night.   Captain Tony's Plaid Party, Finnegan's Wake Green Party and Mango's Tutu Pa
rty all in one night.  Lots of clothing changes and way too much fun for all involved.

   Fortunately for me I was at the Hurricane Hole enjoying NO COSTUME Karaoke Night with Gary and Debbie.  I guess that after a few of these crazy week
s of Fantasy Fest , I'm satisfied with working on Duval Street four days of the Fantasy Fest fun.   It is really more fun working behind the par enjoying all of the craziness and fun without having to be pushed and shoved around in the crowds.  It will be back to the Rum bar on Thursday and for the rest of the week.  Lots of fun and another Fantasy Fest Week will be behind me.  

    The sun rose this morning and guaranteed me another day to write and have fun.   It was a rather wonderful sun rise at that.  ;o)