Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Fantasy Fest Parties Continue in Key West

This is the week of the party.   It all started on Monday with the Kinky Karnival at Kelly's ion Monday and the go right through the Captain Morgan Parade, the big bash on Saturday night.    There are so many parties that it is hard to name them all, but many of them go back many years.     The schedule for the rest of the week is available online at .

     Some of the older parties like the Sloppy Joe's Toga Party in in its 29th year or the 12th annual "Living Art Airbrush Expo" at the Pier House on Friday.  There is a "Pet Masquerade & Parade" today at 5:30 at the Casa Marina Resort.     Other long running events like the "Homemade Bikini Contest", Fogarty's 11 Annual "Red Night" happens tonight at 9:00 pm.    the list goes on and on.  Tomorrow starting at noon is the "Dante's Halos and Horns Pool Party and Wet T-Shirt Contest". You don't want to miss the Green Parrot's "Monster's Ball", a collection of sea serpents, mermaids, and a host of other bizarre monsters form the sea.  This list goes on and on, most of the party's are too much fun and you can just wear yourself to a frazzle trying to make all of the parties this week.

     This all comes to its conclusion on Saturday night with the Captain Morgan Parade that runs down Whitehead Street and up Duval Street to bring the 2012 Fantasy Fest to its conclusion on Saturday night.