Friday, August 23, 2013

Looks Like a Sunny Day Off

     If the weather holds out, today is a mood lifter.  Headed out to the quiet keys to the north and west of Key West.   Time to break out the camera and a nice bottle of  rum to chill me out from the rain.    I just find myself getting lost in the moment as I drift on the tides through these areas.   I guess it is called peace and quiet, and it just brings me back to life in a big way.   I know that most of you don't fee sorry for any of us that live down here in paradise, but we nee the sunshine and blue sky also.  

      It never seems to surprise me when I see some unusual sight as I drift through with my flask of rum and my camera.   It could be an octopus or a bird or just some unusual colors in the water, but what ever it is I love to see the stuff that I haven't seen before.  It makes my day just watching all of the wonders of nature as I pas through trying to leave nothing more that a small wake as I pass through.   You should try this where ever you are, go  to an area that you haven't visited before and open your eyes to all of the things that surround you.   You'll be amazed at what you can see when you take the time to look.

     It doesn't have to be a "wild kingdom" type of shot or sighting, it could be a cat just resting in the shade, just get out and look around you'll be surprised at what you notice.   I'm sure that I'll have some new stories and photos from the day in the next few days as I see what the days travels have produced.   ;o)