Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Carbonated Fountain Style Cocktails

     There have been several soda fountain systems available for the home to create any type of soda pop you want, but if you use the system to create cocktails that you can carbonate on the bar, this would be open the doors for some great new cocktails.     Just think, Mojito's that are carbonated in the glass instead of just adding soda water to them.     It is the addition of soda water to a cocktail that give it the light airy taste that is so refreshing.   The possibilities are virtually unlimited as to what you can create.    This is perfect for tiki creations and for updating of traditional cocktails as well.   

     My pea brain idea is to create syrups to flavor the cocktails then turn them into soda pops and then put them into the cocktail, adding flavor and fizz at the same time.    You can create carbonated rums, wines, even vodkas.   If your mind can create a new idea or flavor you can carbonate it with these soda gadgets.

     There are also some professional bar units that work off of a CO2 tank that can be placed at the bar so cocktails can be carbonated right in the glass.   The other alternative is to put something like rum into a keg and put through a tap just like draught beer and straight into a glass as fizzy as beer, but it is really "draught rum"   The Perlini System can be used to offer both bottled and carbonated cocktails right at the bar.   These are not mass produced, but your favorite bartender's own mix bottled or carbonated right in front of you at the bar.

     Today I'm headed to the store to try and locate one of these units and see what new things can be created in the "Rum Lab".    I really feel that the possibilities are endless and that you can many time over multiply your recipe book through the use of one of these systems.    This is really not such a new idea I remember "seltzer bottles" that you just filled with water and put a CO2 cartridge in and "Wa La", you have fresh soda water for your cocktail.   Now you can take the cocktail place it in the carbonator and "Wa La" you have a carbonated cocktail.    I can't wait to get this idea into motion.  ;o)