Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Has Finally Arrived in Key West!!!

     This has also been a crazy winter here in Key West as well as in the northern tiers of America.   Yesterday we finally had a clear sunny warm day.   I really didn't know how to act, I couldn't decide whether to go out on the boat, or just hang out on the docks and enjoy the warm.

   I did a little of both,  I took a short cruise in the dinghy enjoying the warm sun and smooth waters.   Then I settled down in the rum lab in the back
of the boat for some relaxing me time with my old friend Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and a bit of Barritt's Ginger Beer as a chaser.  

     The day came to an end at the Hurricane Hole as the sun slid behind the mangroves and into sea to bring a fun day to an end and the fun of the evening into play.   This is the first evening this year that I haven't needed a coat to sit on the docks of the Hurricane Hole in the evening.   I have to say that I really enjoyed the evening of great rum and Karaoke with Gary and Debbie spinning the discs for all of us.

     All in all a great day off and the first warm day of the year all together.   Oh well it was a great day, and now it is back to work and a new adventure.   I guess that is what keeps me interested, I really never know what I am going to come across on any given day at the bar or in my travels down here in the Keys.   I guess I'll just jump on the scooter and get going to see what this day has to offer.  ;o)