Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hotaling & Co. Takes Equity Stake in Denizen Rum

     Hotaling & Co., premium craft spirits importer and distiller, formerly Anchor Distilling Company,  announces its investment in Denizen Rum, the award-winning line of blended Caribbean rums first introduced back in 2010.  Denizen’s line includes an aged white rum ($20 a 750-ml.) at 40% abv and a Merchant’s Reserve offering ($30) at 43% abv, both sourced from multiple Caribbean distillers. Hotaling & Co. will play an active role alongside Nicholas Pelis, Denizen's founder, in day-to-day brand management, distribution, and future line extensions. 

     This is a very interesting rum that I was lucky enough to work with back inn 2011 and 12 developing an interesting group of cocktails for. Denizen is a unique rum and it is good to see Hotaling and Company involved with them.