Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Forgotten Casks: A Marvelous Find

     Chairman's Reserve the Forgotten Casks  are a group of rum casks that were put aside after a fire at the distillery in 2007.    Through the reconstruction and the reorganization of the plant, these barrels had been forgotten about until the cellar master noticed the now over age barrels of Chairman's Reserve.     They were sampled and found to have a wonderful flavor.     The decision was made to offer this very special rum as a limited reserve.  

     This is a fine mahogany colored rum that has not been run through the chill filtration of the other St. Lucia rums.    It's rich fruity and woody aroma leads you to the parallel flavors on the palate.   There is a smooth finish with a molasses notes that remain in a long finish.

     Unlike many other of the lost rum barrels that have sat far to long and the rum has past it's prime Chairman's Reserve "The Forgotten Casks" has sat just long enough to create a fine sipping rum that can be enjoyed by anyone that can sit and relax for a while and just sip and be.    The best news is that they are talking about continueing the Forgotten Casks leaving some more barrels of Chairman's Reserve  to rest for and extended period of time. 

     The word is that The Forgotten Casks will be arriving into the United States sometime in 2012.  Keep your eyes out for it on the shelves soon.   ;o)