Monday, March 11, 2013

Daydreaming to St. Lucia

    This is the time of year that I keep yearning for a visit to an island for a few days of new experiences and sights.   This morning I was thinking about  St. Lucia, an island that I visited in 2011.   The beautiful blue waters and the warm and friendly people make for a wonderful daydream.   Today I'm dreaming of sitting at the top of the hill overlooking a hurricane hole marina on my way to the St. Lucia Distillers.    This was a great little wide spot in the road that offered a cool drink and a Popsicle to cool off from the bus trip to the distillery.  The scenery is just breath taking and always just leaves me in a really calm place.   I guess that is what make the writing about the trips so much fun.  I get to relive the trips as I write about them.

     The unique sights as you travel through the different islands is always fun.  Things like this "van conversion" into a vendor's cantina.    I am never surprised any more what might appear as I turn the next corner, but I am always ready to snap a picture of what I see.    St. Lucia is a combination of big city in the port area, agricultural in the valleys and a just plain beautiful place to wander around.

     There is a distillery that makes some of your favorite Chairman's Reserve Rums, just to name one of their products.   This is a fine distillery that has some very innovative ideas to produce their rums and other spirits.   All and all it is just a very diversified place to visit, whether you want city, rural or nautical atmosphere, quite the place to chill.   By the way, did I mention that they produce some very fine rums on this island as well.  

    This makes my Monday much more bearable, just putting myself into a different  tropical place on a weekday in the office.   I guess you need to daydream about somewhere else even when you live in a paradise like Key West.   Anyway enjoy your daydreaming trip on this Monday with me.  ;o)