Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kayaking Bahia Honda Key

     The kayak has opened up a whole new world to us.  It allows us to silently move around on the water and see such a multitude of sights that would normally not be seen at all.   Once the kayak is in the water and we load our "stuff" on board we just start  pedaling and away we go.

     The efficiency of the vessel as it glides through the water with a minimum of effort means that you can travel for miles and just enjoy the scenery.  Today we headed to the west from the Bahia Honda Marina and wet to see the other end of Bahia Honda Bay.  The ocean side is a bit rough today, 2 to 4 foot seas and the wind from the south east at 13 miles per hour, it is time to leave bravery behind and head toward the lea side in the Gulf of Mexico.     Never knowing what you will come upon as ou move through the waters, the adventure of the day never disappoints.

     Today was a great example of all that goes on in the oceans.  We started off in some pretty rough water as the tides were coming in between the bridges and the wind blowing at a pretty stiff blow.  After clearing the highway bridge and getting into the Gulf, things settled down and we got to see a school of Tarpon jumping and stirring up the water to the north side of the bridge.  Continuing to the west, there is a place called the "Horseshoe" where a lot of divers go to enjoy the deep water without the worry of boats.   Along the edge of the "horseshoe", there are several shallows that are loaded with marine life like the Barracuda and small reef shark that we ran across there.

     The mangroves are also very interesting in that area, the provide shelter for a number of birds, butterflies, and other marine life there.   Kayaking give you an opportunity to ease up on so many things that would have been long gone in any other type of vessel.  Fortunately we do have a kayak of our own, but they can be rented from the marina and you can discover all of the exciting things that mother nature has to offer throughout Bahia Honda State Park.