Thursday, September 15, 2011

Siesta Key Spiced Rum Receives a Warm Welcome at the Rum Bar

     The long awaited Siesta Key Spiced Rum has received a nice warm welcome since it's arrival at the Rum Bar in Key West.   The really smooth gingerbread aroma and lingering after taste has made the rum an instant favorite.     This is a spice rum that you can actually serve neat or on the rocks for sipping and the aromas of gingerbread or Christmas cookies warms your mouth and mind.

     It also mixes well with many of the same things that most of the other spiced rums do, but it really seems to add special flavor to the cocktail missing in many other spiced rums.     Much of the first bottle is already gone, but there is another on waiting in the wings for the enjoyment of those who like the spiced side of rum.

     It is available through Total Wine and Spirits as well if you are not close to Key West this week.    This is going to be the sales leader for the Drum Circle Distillery of Sarasota in the very near future, and a well earned congratulations to Troy and Tom for a well though out and finished product.     ;o)