Friday, August 31, 2012

Ernest and Julio Gallo Introduces Shellback Rum

West Indies Rum Distillery  Bridgetown, Barbados
Ernest and Julio Gallo the wine giant of Modesto, California has partnered up with West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados to produce the rum for their new Rum Shellback.   There are two versions being marketed initially, a "Silver" and a "Spiced" versions.    The rum is made in Barbados and shipped to Modesto where it is bottled and flavored.   

"Our opportunity in the marketplace is focused on consumers who wish to progress in the rum category to a modern, premium, progressive rum," Gerard Thoukis, Gallo's senior director of marketing, said Wednesday. 
A variety of natural flavors go into Shellback Spiced, including cinnamon bark oil from Sri Lanka, ginger oil from China and Africa, clove oil from Madagascar and India, nutmeg from Indonesia, cassia from Vietnam and China, vanilla from Madagascar and allspice from the Caribbean.      Shellback Silver is just rum, but a news release tells of "floral overtones layered with the suggestion of vanilla and tropical fruit, followed by a smooth, clean finish."     "Shellback" is an old naval term bestowed on sailors who crossed the equator for the first time. Also on the label is the motto "Rum Found Worthy."     Shellback could find favor with the "younger cocktail crowd," said Lexy McCallum, general manager of Bistro 234 in Turlock.   "We love to support local vendors," she said.   
     "We are actively looking at all of the major spirits categories," Thoukis said, "and as opportunities arise, we will take advantage of them."
     The website offers a story of how the name was derived, and some of the details of the rum's story.   
     A Shellback is an experienced sailor, revered for his nautical progression and courage, who has achieved the landmark triumph of crossing the equator. Shellback Rum honors the proud naval tradition of these sailors with its Caribbean roots and refined taste. Shellback allows experienced rum drinkers the opportunity to experience a modern ‘progression’ within rum.
     Shellback is proud to partner with a Barbados-based rum distillery in the production of its two bottlings, silver and spiced rum, debuting this Fall. Shellback Silver Rum is a clean and flavorful rum for the sophisticated palate featuring notable tropical, fruit, and sweet aromatics notes. Shellback Spiced Rum features no added sugar or artificial flavors and a medley of all natural spices resulting in a smooth, clean taste with notes of caramelized honey layered with hints of dark roast and brown spice. Shellback Rum delivers the authenticity of traditional Caribbean rum, while articulating the sensory cornerstones of an improved, full-flavored rum experience.
     I am looking forward to seeing this rum come on line here in Florida and placing it on the shelf here at the Rum Bar in Key West.   ;o)

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