Monday, February 20, 2017

Lake Norman Here I Come

     Today is a travel day for me.  I’m heading up to North Carolina to put in some days on the house on Lake Norman.  My long time tenants have moved out and it is time to play the “Property Brothers” game and get it refurbished to sell.   Fortunately, I won’t have to trip over a production team as they film the project.  Most of what has to be done is to remove some overgrown plants and fix a few things that have just gotten old.  I moved out some 11 years ago and things can grow a lot in that time. 

     Marta and I built the house in 1990 and it has stood proud ever since.  It just needs to what I will call normal maintenance after 27 years.  I will have some fun up there as well as working, so I’ll keep you up on what is happening.