Saturday, November 2, 2013

An Evening at the Hurricane Hole

     Just in case you've never heard of the Hurricane Hole Restaurant and Bar, it is a little waterfront dive bar located on Stock Island.  Just a stone's throw from Key West, this is my personal hang out and one of the really fun places for both locals and tourists alike.   I find the place perfect for me, because it offers a relaxed and chilled atmosphere in which I can unwind from my day with friendly people and staff.

     This restaurant, bar and marina brings fishermen, tourists, captains, and a wide variety of other colorful people together every evening for some fun, libation and conversation.  A very laid back waterfront atmosphere that brings in a great group of very interesting people every evening.     Whether you are looking for a good cocktail, or a fun dining experience, this is your place.  You get to drink and dine out on the docks, rain or shine it is always a fun and relaxing evening next to the water.  

     There are lovely fun bartenders and servers that will make your evening fun and enjoyable with their good service and fun loving personalities.  The place kind of goes to the "dogs" during happy hours and into the evening, but that just adds to the personality and color of the place.  

     Just stop in any evening and enjoy the atmosphere of an old eclectic Key West waterfront bar and restaurant, you won't be disappointed.   I find myself there most evenings enjoying a cocktail of some really good bar and restaurant foods.   If you happen to be down here in Key West, just drive over the Cow Key Channel bridge and it is on the right.  You will find this to be a nice change and an opportunity to experience the real feeling the Keys waterfront life.