Monday, October 5, 2015

2015 "Show Rum Tasting Competition Results" from "Show Rum Italian Rum Festival"

     Another rum festival has reached conclusion this year.  Show Rum Italian Rum Festival is now a part of history.  Leonardo Pinto, Alessandra Penteriani and his staff put together a fine assembly of rum companies and rum people from around the world that have provided the people of Italy with a very impressive rum experience.

     Part of this festival was a tasting competition judged by rum professionals from around the world.  Here are the results of the judging at the festival.    Here are the winners of the international Show Rum Tasting Competition that have just been announced.

Column Still White - Angostura White
Column Still 1-3 - Bacardi Heritage
Column Still 4-7 - Abuelo 7
Column Still 8-15 - Abuelo 12
Column Still greater than 15 - Malecon Especial 1985
Column Still No Age Declared - Havana Union
Pot Still & Blended 1-3 - Diplomatico Bianco
Pot Still & Blended 4-7 - Appleton Reserve
Pot Still & Blended 8-15 - Appleton Rare Blend 12
Pot Still & Blended greater than 15 - Appleton 21
Pot Still & Blended No Age Declared - Hampden Estate Gold
Agricole Style White - Damoiseau Pure Cane
Agricole Style 1-3 - Trois Rivieres Ambré
Agricole Style 4-6 - Trois Rivieres Vsop
Agricole Style greater than 6 - Dillon Selection Club 12 XO
Cachaca White - Pitú
Cacaçha Aged - Pitú Especial
Overproof Rum - Rum Fire Velvet
Spiced and Flavored - Rum Project One
Independent Bottler White - Plantation 3 Stars

     The show provided a chance to sample many great rums from around the world, including rums from Bacardi, Havana Club, Abuelo, Angostura, El Dorado, Diplomatico and many more from places like Martinique, Mauritius, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Barbados and Dominican Republic.

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