Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bacardi Launches a New Flavored Rum With Coconut Rum

     The new expression follows the release of Bacardi Spiced earlier this year, and Bacardi Ginger in   Bacardi Coco, Spanish for coconut, combines rich coconut flavor with pure Bacardi Rum. To obtain this one-of-a-kind coconut taste, the coconut is steeped to release the flavor. The spirit is then filtered. The result is a clean, dry spirit with a rich coconut aroma and authentic taste, reminiscent of coconut right off the tree.
2018.   According to the brand, “global demand for flavored rums continues to rise”.

     “Sales in the rum category are at an all-time high and this has been largely led by the flavored rum segment,” said Tine Van Nevel, brand director – Europe, Bacardi rum.  “The response to our previous flavored rums has been overwhelmingly positive and we are certain that Bacardi Coconut will be a welcome addition to the ever-growing Carta portfolio.”   The brand recently expanded its flavored offering in the US with the launch of Bacardi Lime.