Friday, May 4, 2012

Botran and the Spring Time

    Ron Botran Reserva is one of the fine rums that comes from Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala in the country of fine rum called Guatemala.    This rum is a deep amber, fermented from  sugar cane syrup, and aged 4 to 15 years before blending, and then recasked  for its final resting before bottling.     This rum has a very balanced flavor of smokey and caramelized fruits and nuts with a long warm slightly sweet, but actually dry finish and just a touch of smokiness.

     This rum is headed into the Rum Lab to be worked as a source for the making of premium cocktails.    I feel like the flavors of this rum will lead me to some really enjoyable premium cocktails.   We are going to make Ron Botran Reserva a rum that you are able to enjoy in a cocktail in addition to being the  fine sipping rum that it is.

     I feel like this is one of those wonderful rums that can be mixed and won't clash with the other ingredients that you blend with it.  This is a quality that makes this rum one of the really exceptional cocktail rums.  This smooth, fruity and smokey flavors make this an ideal cocktail basis.    Give this one a try, you'll really enjoy it.   ;o)