Monday, March 3, 2014

Feeling Like its a Monday

    Got up this morning dragging after finishing a very busy week yesterday.  As I walk up the sidewalk to the office I'm reminded that I do have another long road to go down to get to  Sunday.   At least the sun is shining and this helps me pick up my feet and continue to the office and get the tasks that lie in front of me done.   Maybe if I had a hangover or just not feeling good this would be easier to rationalize, but there is no excuse for having the Monday blues today.

     There are those of you out there that are facing all the traffic and grid lock of the big city.   I really understand this as well, I saw it as I was walking down the dock watching all of the fish try to get some where and are all jammed up at the corner.   I actually saw another person on the docks this morning as I walked down to the office, this was a nice thing to just be able to say "hey, how's things with you?"   Today can't be that bad, once I get the morning tasks done, the afternoon is going to be mine.  I do have Monday's off in my world.

    I will just have to sit out on the fore deck and watch my friend the "Kingfisher" as he is searching the waters for food and see what he is up to today.  He is such a real help in deciding what really has to be done and what can be put off until some tomorrow.  He can be such a good friend and help me make the important choices and doing the right things.

     I guess that I will make it a wonderful Monday after all, it really is how you look at it.  I try hard to feel sorry for myself sometimes, but it is really hard to maintain it.  I do live in paradise,  so many great friends and a wonderful environment to enjoy my life.  We will have another fun day just because I can.  ;o)