Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When I Think About Rum: I Think About Florida.

Troy Roberts and Tom Clarke Owners of Drum Circle Distilling
     Florida you say?     Yes Florida, it has several distilleries that handle everything from the small batch distillers to a very large operation that bottles and flavors Caribbean Rum.  

     Drum Circle is a small batch distillery that is located in Sarasota.    This little distillery produces the "Siesta Key" line of rums.     There are three different rums that are produced at the distillery, White, Gold, and their newest edition, Spiced Rum.     All of these fine rums are available here in Florida at larger liquor retailers      You owe it to yourself to try these fine Florida rums, you won't be disappointed.

     The other side of the spectrum is the Florida Caribbean Distillers, this is a huge operation located in Auburndale, Florida.    This distillery makes neutral spirits from citrus, cane neutral spirits, brandy< and rum.     They also produce something called "other than standard orange wine" (OTSOW) that is the basis for many liqueurs and cordials.    This huge distillery produces up to 10 million proof gallons per year.     In addition to the bottling services and the rum storage and aging facilities located in Winter Haven, Florida.      Florida also produces Florida Rum that is sells at 188 proof to a variety of bottlers from around the world.

     So as you can see, when I think about rum, I really do have to think about Florida.     I also have to think about the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival coming up next month in Miami Beach.  Check the website for all of the details and ticket information about this very special event April 16 - 22.  

     Think about rum and you to can now think about Florida, the state that consumes the most rum of any state in America.   ;o)