Saturday, April 9, 2016

William Grant Revamps Wood’s Rum Design

William Grant & Sons UK has revealed new premium packaging for Wood’s Old Navy Rum, inspired by the brand’s naval heritage.

The bottle is now “simpler and sturdier”, with thicker glass and a cork stopper. The recipe remains unchanged.   “After evaluating the brand’s rich history, consumer trends and the dark rum category, we recognized an opportunity for the rejuvenation of Wood’s,” said brand manager, Gwilym Cooke.   “Without straying from the navy history, we wanted more premium packaging to match the quality of the liquid inside the bottle, which hasn’t changed since it was established in 1887.”
Wood’s is distilled from black strap molasses at the Demerrara Rum’s Diamond Distillery in Guyana. The blend contains rum distilled in the only working single wooden pot still in the world.  The Demerara Navy Rum is said to be the only expression still bottled at 57% abv.

Wood’s Old Navy Rum will start shipping in the new bottle from early April 2016. The product retails at around £25 for a 70cl bottle.