Friday, January 16, 2015

T. Rutter Rum from Pennsylavia

    T. Rutter Rum is a very interesting unaged white rum created on the banks of an 18.2-mile-long tributary of the mighty Schuylkill River that cuts through the countryside and has become home to a winery, a brewery and, now, a distillery.  Manatawny was named by the Lenape Indians, Man'en'tau'wata'wik, "the place we meet to drink," and it means the same to us today.

     This is an unaged white rum that has been double distilled rum that has notes of an agricole style rum.  It is a very clean rum and works very well with Barritt's Ginger Beer for me,  I feel like that now matter what you mix it with you will enjoy it.  It is a clean well crafted small batch rum that makes a tasty cocktail that doesn't over power the taste of the cocktail.

     The Manatawny Still Works also produces Whiskey , Vodka and on the horizon is a new Gin expression ahead.  Manatawny Still Works was developed to produce world class spirits with character in small batches. The distillery is modern, but the practices are based on old world production with a reverent nod to the history of the region.  

     This distillery in Pottstown, Pennsylvania has regular hours for you to visit the distillery and an opportunity to purchase T Rutter Rum. You can find Manatawny Still Works on line at